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Investigations / Root Cause Analysis

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Effective Integrity

Septia and its clients are committed to a culture of Effective Integrity. With the help of our programs every organization can be a force for positive change, and a deserving source of employee loyalty and pride.

Communication & Awareness

Awareness of a threat is the first crucial step towards managing it. Since Fraud and Corruption risks exist throughout the organization, all employees need to be aware of these risks and what they can mean for their daily activities. Through innovative workshops which include cases, realistic scenarios, dilemmas, educational games and sometimes even theatre, Septia explores how ethical issues relate to day-to-day work.

Risk awareness requires continuous attention. To achieve broad and sustainable coverage, Septia provides customized interactive multimedia training. Available when and where you need it, with the option of local language. The internet based training also systematically gathers participant feedback, letting management know what employees are thinking. While individual answers remain anonymous, management gains access to a wealth of data that can be analyzed to pinpoint global or local risks, awareness trends, regional and divisional differences.

Policy Development & Implementation

A responsible and ethical management must aspire to a culture based on integrity, where principles, ethics and polices are mutually consistent and consistently applied by employees in their day to day decisions and actions.

Convincing employees that management is seriously committed to ethical, responsible behavior and communicating to employees what is expected of them are indispensible steps in developing, and sustaining a healthy internal culture.

Given recent history however, many people have become skeptical about management motives. A passive approach to ethics policy doesn’t work. Septia assists its clients in the development and active deployment of a realistic and balanced Code of Conduct and of other related policies. By identifying potential inconsistencies between policy and practice, Septia helps management identify problems and make necessary policy decisions, in other words, to walk the talk. We do this by engaging management and employees during the whole cycle of policy development, rollout and refinement.

Measuring Performance

Every company and organization faces its own specific integrity issues, and must find its own way to deal with them. Even two companies in the same branch and geographical area will have their own unique problems. But paradoxically, many of the same methods for advancing integrity can be used in companies that are otherwise widely different.

Results of the “Lightning Assessments” and/or “Ethics and Integrity Vulnerability Assessment” can be used like a “flash photo ” of the current situation and forms a good starting point for discussions.

Septia team members are privileged to have years of experience in integrity work, from public and private sectors, in different industries and around the world. Septia is committed to sharing its knowledge of integrity best practices with clients, and working to achieve sustainable and measurable improve their integrity programs. Openness and transparency are some of the best defenses against fraud and corruption, and other forms of integrity failure. Together with its clients, Septia promotes internal dialogue and concrete action in areas that far too often have been considered taboo.

Risk Mitigation

While it is not possible to eliminate every integrity risk, through training, employee awareness and internal control risks can be reduced to acceptable levels. Internal control is not an expression of mistrust; the purpose of internal control is not to control employee. When managing integrity risks, the key is to raise the awareness of employee and motivate them to be part of the internal control system, to make it work, to improve it.

Septia assists its clients to work with employees and design effective improvements to mitigate integrity risks and ensure that the internal controls are designed and are working effectively.

Investigations / Root Cause Analysis

Even with the best prevention and early warning system, incidents that require investigation will still happen from time to time. It is inherently difficult to predict the level of complexity of an investigation project, or its total cost.

It is however possible to organize investigation work into incre-mental steps under management control, and to constantly focus on management’s objectives. Septia is committed to this approach, which we call “controlled investigation”. Septia is also committed to using only investigation methods which are permitted by law.

The decision to investigate is often a difficult one, and managers are naturally reluctant to start a project that will consume their time and resources. It is hardly surpising that managers may prefer to cut their losses and move on, rather than pursue an investigation towards an uncertain outcome. Sometimes, that is the best decision. In other cases, when investigation necessary, Septia is committed to completing work as efficiently as possible, while avoiding excessive costs and unnecessary disruption of ongoing operations.

Detect Early Warnings (Health Checks)

Prevention of unethical behavior and early detection of fraud and corruption are greatly preferable to the alternative; dealing with the consequences of incidents after the fact. Unfortunately, many organizations give too little priority to prevention and early detection activities.

Septia uses a variety of innovative techniques, both technical and non technical to identify suspicious transactions and behavior, with the aim of discovering problems in their early stages before serious damage is done. With extensive experience in fraud investigation, financial management, audit and computer assisted data analysis Septia is adept at discovering transactions or behavioral patterns which would otherwise remain hidden. Septia’s Health Check programs are always customized to the needs and risk profile of our clients. We provide a diagnosis report of cases identified and red flags as well suggestions as to how the results of a Health Check can be used to save costs and contribute to a more ethical culture throughout the organization.

Assess Fraud & Corruption Risk

While the “helicopter view” is effective in many areas of management, identification of specific, real fraud and corruption risks requires feet on the ground. The true risk experts in any organization are its own employees, even if they themselves are unaware of it. In combination with awareness training, Septia motivates employees to “think how a criminal might operate” and identify the loopholes that create opportunities for potential fraudsters. This approach may seem unorthodox but it works and is much more accurate than any checklist. The detailed feedback from employees can be organized into a risk profile where Fraud and Corruption Risks are assessed according to their likelihood and various impacts.

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